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55 products

The Skull Necklace is a remarkable jewel, at the limit of a work of art.

The Skull Pendant is a sumptuous blend of abstract and geometric motifs, recalling the macabre rites and ancient forgotten traditions of vanished people.

The Skull Necklace, its origin:

Demonic priests often wore a necklace to signify their faith in the antichrist. This skull necklace or skull pendant was worn by them for the magical powers it contained.

This collection includes exact reproductions of authentic skull and crossbones jewelry, but also more contemporary pieces that have been the subject of real artistic work.

Men's Skull Necklace

Our collection of skull necklaces includes a wide choice of necklaces for men. You are one of those true warriors who like to wear death close to them to keep an eye on it and you want a beautiful necklace representing the end of all things, our skull and crossbones necklace and its steel chain will only please you!

You want something sharper? What do you think of a beautiful silver pendant for man representing the snake, the one at the origin of the original sin on which is a demonic rune in sterling silver, its chain is made from 925 sterling silver.

Women's Skull Necklace

Our collection also includes a wide selection of more sober necklaces designed especially for women. You can discover pretty small models with the skull and crossbones symbol, all made with finesse for women. Our very nice skull necklace for women, has a noble silver pendant.

Our pendants are made of noble metals such as stainless steel, silver, zinc alloy and brass. They are generally offered in several colors: silver plated, yellow gold plated or pink gold plated.

You will also find different types of sizes for each necklace, from short to long necklace, some models are also adjustable to fit any type of neck size.

This collection of skull necklaces is an ideal gift idea to offer a unique medallion or simply to please yourself with a beautiful steel necklace.

Our Skull Necklaces:

  • Gothic necklace
  • Punk Necklace
  • Biker Necklace
  • Metalhead Necklace
  • Rocker Necklace
  • Viking Necklace