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269 products

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Fan of the Great Grim Reaper, Mexican Skull, Satanic Mythology or Viking Rites? Find a large collection of jewels, for all styles and for everyone, men, women...

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and more! Only amazing and unique designs at Devil Skull Shop. Don't hesitate to browse through our catalog, you're sure to find the right jewel for you.

Men's Skull Jewelry

According to certain preconceived ideas, the jewels would be intended only for women. False! A man, just as much as a woman, likes to take care of his look and look good while wearing jewelry.

Of course, the style of fashion accessories worn will vary between a man and a woman, but both of them attach a certain importance to improving their style and appearance. What is the goal in doing this? To please oneself more while pleasing others.

Compared to women, men are known for their greater discretion when it comes to putting jewelry sets forward. Their preferences often focus on two materials in particular: steel and leather.

According to various surveys, the order of selection of the accessories they will wear usually starts with the ring, followed by the bracelet, and eventually ends with a necklace.

Although he likes quality, the man is above all known to like quantity. This is one of the reasons why he can often wear several pieces of jewelry at the same time. Of course, this is not for all men!

Women's Skull Jewelry

Do you want to please your girlfriend, sister, mother or any other woman that matters to you? Believe us, you are in good hands at Devil Skull Shop.

Having good social relationships is very important and helps you to have a balanced life as well as personal growth. However, a relationship must be long term and pleasurable can be important to keep the flame alive.

Moreover, although a man likes surprises, a woman likes them more and it would be a shame not to prove your generosity but especially the attention you pay to her.

Birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas or Mother's Day, many events are ideal to offer a skull jewelry.

Of course, a gift can also be offered in everyday life and does not necessarily require a particular day.

A question that often comes up is: "what kind of jewelry to offer exactly?".

Indeed, one can sometimes feel lost in the middle of this vast choice of models and styles of existing jewelry. So, how to know which one to offer?

When giving a gift, what counts above all is the intention. Most women will not pay attention to the financial value of the jewelry or whether it is part of the latest trends but more to the reason why you bought it. Indeed, it will show that you care about her and that your relationship matters to you.

When you buy one or more pieces of jewelry, make sure they are timeless and can be worn anywhere and anytime. A woman generally likes to be able to wear her fashion accessories whenever she feels like it and it would be a shame not to take advantage of it!

Skull Rings

As with bracelets, a man will wear a Skull Ring for several reasons. Indeed, no matter what kind of jewelry one wears, it has a very specific meaning.

For example, in the world of metal, some metalsmiths will wear several large rings on the same finger. On the other hand, a person who is more classically oriented will tend to wear a ring that symbolizes finesse as well as lightness of spirit.

Offering a ring to someone is not a choice to be taken lightly. In fact, more than a bracelet, a ring is a gift that will be seen more. We must therefore make sure that we like it when we wear it on our fingers and let it be seen by others.

If you wish to give a ring as a gift to a man, it must absolutely be in adequacy with his different character traits. Let us imagine that this one is of a more posed nature, a basic ring will be perfect.

On the other hand, if the man likes to be noticed, you should go for a more aggressive ring, like for example our best-seller: the Mexican Skull Ring.

If the person you want to spoil doesn't usually take their jewelry off when they wash or go in the water, our advice would be to opt for one of our stainless steel rings. This will give him/her a better security in terms of duration in time.

Skull Bracelets

Known for the great freedom they offer, these jewels can be worn with any outfit. In fact, whether it is for daily or occasional use, the skull and crossbones bracelet is the ideal accessory for those who wish to enhance their clothing and make it more classy or wilder.

Models for all tastes!
Indeed, the choice of models available on the market is unlimited. Every day, new bracelets are born and make new people happy. Fantasy, cuff, charm, rush, there is something for every taste. Generally, men are more interested in silver or steel bracelets.

As we often say on Devil Skull Shop, the bracelet you wear reflects your personality traits. If you like discretion and are rather introverted by nature, choose a model that is not too showy.

On the other hand, if you are the opposite, i.e. someone who likes to make his presence felt all around him, like the Rocker, opt for a more showy model, such as our Biker Skull Bracelet.

Skull Necklaces

Long or short, showy or discreet, massive or light, once again we offer a wide range of possibilities.

Our necklaces and pendants for men each correspond to a particular symbol. Indeed, choosing which jewel to wear around your neck and put in front of everyone's eyes is a choice to be well matured in your head!

If the man you wish to spoil has no particular preference or is not a connoisseur, we advise you to choose a necklace thin and wide enough to give him enough freedom in his neck.

Conversely, if he is more inclined to be noticed, you can, with your eyes closed, go for a more dominant style like this superb Sugar Skull Necklace. Once worn, chances are he will feel gratitude and pride for having you by his side.

Another gift idea that often pleases men, as well as women for that matter, is personalized jewelry. Indeed, through them, you can address the person who is important to you in the best possible way. You can show your love by writing a sentence full of tenderness or engrave a design with heart motifs or any other symbol that corresponds to him. We will soon propose some of them on Devil SKull Shop!

Skull Watches

Open-Heart, classic, wooden or bracelet style we have what you need for both men and women!