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56 products

You wish to acquire a Skull Bracelet for its style or for its symbolism? Our vast collection of skull bracelets will satisfy you!

For the realization of our bracelets, we work with different types of materials: real leather, stainless steel, silver, bronze.

Everything is gathered so that each purse finds the skull bracelet that suits him! We do everything possible to provide you with a bracelet that is robust and full of character.

The Skull Bracelet, it's meaning:

The pagan chiefs offered to their disciples a bracelet. This Death's Head Bracelet was a sign of allegiance and to offer such a gift was a demonstration of wealth and power.

This type of silver bracelet was also in parallel with social status, an indispensable accessory to seduce. This battle for seduction ranged from the bracelet, to the ring, to the necklace set with precious stones and other costume jewelry such as earrings and beard jewelry.
Since ancient times, offering a Skull Bracelet is an ideal gift idea!
Discover our collection of skull and crossbones bracelets for men and women and let us guide you through their stories.

Men's Skull Bracelet

Bracelets are the jewelry for men par excellence. The bracelet for men, is a timeless style of jewelry for men. Let yourself be tempted by a black leather bracelet, our collection includes a wide range of leather bracelets. Our models of bracelets are worked in different ways, sublimated with a nice leather braid or simple smooth, they all have a unique design up to their adjustable clasp (carabiner clasp, buckle, hook).
They are made from black leather or brown leather. You will find a large choice of beautiful braided leather or simple leather bracelets like our anchor bracelet paying discreet tribute to Floki, the first sailor.

You don't want a simple mesh bracelet and we understand that. You are looking for a rigid bracelet of character, which will make anyone understand the warrior you are? We have what you need with our Solid Silver Skull Bracelet encrusted with small diamond shaped crystals! Much better than simple bracelets no?!

Women's Skull Bracelet

Our collection of silver bracelets is suitable for both men and women. Let yourself be seduced by a pretty cuff bracelet inspired by Scandinavian art with a real jewelry work to bring you an engraving made with finesse on a beautiful steel bracelet while keeping a discreet pagan look.

Moreover, our range of steel bracelets not only includes robust bracelets with characters designed for a big virile wrist, it also features bracelets made in a semi-rigid but resistant steel, allowing the silver bracelet to be easily adjustable for all types of wrists and will accompany with finesse your adornment.

Looking for a yellow gold plated bracelet with a skull and crossbones design? Let yourself be tempted by our torque bracelet representing two magnificent skulls.

Our large collection is available in various colors, you will find bracelets in silver color, gold color, pink gold, lightly silvered or golden. To complete your look, and accompany a pendant or a ring, our rush bracelets or our cuffs are your best allies!

So don't wait any longer and opt for a true bracelet of strength, succumb to the beauty of our timeless pieces of jewelry and let yourself be guided by the Nordic power that resides in each of our bracelets.
Bracelets for all tastes:

  • Gold Skull Bracelet
  • Silver Skull Bracelet
  • Leather Skull Bracelet
  • Bronze Skull Bracelet
  • Gothic Bracelet
  • Chain Bracelet
  • Biker Bracelet
  • Punk Bracelet
  • Metalhead Bracelet
  • Rocker Bracelet
  • Viking Bracelet